Creating a One of a Kind PS5 With Legendary Street Artist RISK

Creating a One of a Kind PS5 With Legendary Street Artist RISK

The Legend of RISK

Often regarded as the founder of the west coast graffiti movement, RISK has been synonymous with the Los Angeles art community for over 20 years. From day one, he pushed the envelope and paved the way for graffiti artists in the scene by being the first West Coast artist daring enough to paint his work on freeway overhead passes, freight trains, and the NYC subway system.  

Over the years, RISK has become globally recognized, and has featured his work in some of the top art galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, London, New York, and Canada. His creative mediums have expanded into painting, sculpting, neon light installations, and large-scale murals, but he still holds true to his graffiti roots and artistic style with the same bright, punchy color and bold shapes that pop off the wall and immediately draw you in for a closer look. 

From the Super Bowl to Blink 182, RISK has executed a number of iconic collaborations in his career. So, when the Soul Assassins presented us with the opportunity to collaborate with the graffiti legend to create a one-of-a-kind piece, it was an immediate yes.  


RISK x Bhang Custom Painted PS5

We were fortunate enough to step inside the studio and get a front-row seat to RISK’s creative process for this project. Seeing him in his element was nothing short of inspiring. His method used a perfect balance of intuitive freehand and extreme precision – every move made with the confidence and ease of someone who trusted their instincts fully. The end result came together beautifully with splatters of bright colors, strategically placed stenciling, and butterflies so detailed they looked like they were about to fly off the console. No one else in the world has a PS5 this dope. 

In true Bhang fashion we gave our community a chance to be the proud owner of this console and teamed up with KOLAS to giveaway the Bhang x RISK PS5 to one of their team members. A piece this special deserved to be taken care of the way budtenders take care of us. We wouldn’t want the console to go to anyone else.  Check out the full video on Youtube to see the method behind the magic. 


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