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Bhang is committed to making the fairly enjoyable ridiculously fun! Founded in 2010, Bhang delivers delicious, safe, and accurately dosed edibles through its extensive portfolio of over 50 master-chef created cannabis, CBD, and terpene-infused products including our signature, award-winning gourmet chocolates, pre-rolls, CBD isolate, and Hempsticks™. Bhang’s artisanal cannabis-infused and CBD-infused chocolates are globally distributed and are among the top-selling edibles in 7 U.S. states and consistently three of the top ten edibles in Canada. Our proprietary recipes ensure precise dosing and the benefits of cannabinoids in a delicious, cannabis-free taste. 

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Jamie L. Pearson to Step Down as Bhang President/CEO and Director

Aug 10, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada – August 10, 2022 - Bhang Inc. ("Bhang" or the "Company") (CSE: BHNG) (OTCQB: BHNGF) has announced the resignation of President, CEO, and Board Member, Jamie L. Pearson, who has been with the Company since 2015 and has served as President/CEO of the award-winning brand since 2019.

Bhang Launches High Roller Nano-infused Pre-Roll

Jun 14, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada – June 14, 2022 - Bhang Inc. ("Bhang" or the "Company") (CSE: BHNG) (OTCQB: BHNGF), a global cannabis CPG brand company with an award-winning portfolio of products, is complementing its strong position in the cannabis edibles market with the launch of a new, innovative pre-roll offering. 

Bhang Partners with Petalfast for Growth in California

Jun 07, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada – June 7, 2022 - Bhang Inc. ("Bhang" or the "Company") (CSE: BHNG) (OTCQB: BHNGF), a global cannabis CPG brand company with an award-winning portfolio of products, has partnered with Petalfast, a cannabis sales and marketing agency with decades of experience in adult beverages, consumer packaged goods and cannabis. 


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"a master chocolatier boasting over 25 years' experience"

- High Times

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"Bhang's dedication to quality infused chocolate is apparent from the first bite to the THC set in."

- Candid Chronicle

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"Bhang is a cannabis pioneer with a passion for crafting high quality, natural products."

- Digital Journal

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