A Peek Inside the Mind of Peruvian Street Artist Conrad Flórez

A Peek Inside the Mind of Peruvian Street Artist Conrad Flórez

Bhang x Conrad Flórez

If you’re familiar with the Peruvian street scene, then you’ve likely encountered the bold and colorful work of Conrad Flórez - a celebrated artist based out of Lima.

His artwork focuses on the creation of surreal characters that reflect a perfect balance between thoughtful technique and raw emotion. From the sublime sensations of music to the artistic experimentation of graffiti, his work pulls inspiration from multiple different artistic mediums that he holds close to home.  

While Conrad still holds true to his roots in street art, his creative projects transcend into art galleries, interior design, and commercial commissions. The most recent of these projects is a collaboration with Bhang to refresh our packaging with a fresh, bold new design.  

We were fortunate enough to connect with Conrad through our partnership with DJ Muggs and the Soul Assassins, who hand-selected Conrad to be the featured artist of this collaboration. 

The Bhang x Conrad collaboration is a proud moment for us. Not only will it breathe new life into the look and feel of our packaging, but it represents a pivotal moment for Bhang as we continue to grow and evolve - bringing us back to our mission that is deeply rooted in community, creativity, and culture. 

While the collaboration isn’t set to make its debut until early 2023, we sat down with Conrad in the meantime to get a peek inside his mind and learn more about what inspires his creative process.  


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Inside the Mind of Conrad Flórez

Q: What is the greatest source of inspiration for your art? 
A: Music helps focus my ideas and creative processes, whether it's a mural on the street or painting a piece in the studio.

The Comic helps me create new styles and shapes and let my imagination travel. I always considered Graffiti as a way of life, being able to create art with such freedom has a very powerful charge 
Q: How would you describe your artistic style? 
A: I like the versatility of being able to flow between various technical styles and trends. My style has been varying between characters and abstract shapes that can convey emotions through color. 
Q: Are there any artists that you admire or influence your style? 
A: I have many artists that I admire. From listening to musical masterminds like Cypress Hill or Deftones, to watching classic animation like Akira and Spawn or live work by George Condo and Yayoji Kusama. Even the art of Pre-Incas culture such as Mochica for its colors and shapes. The list goes on.
Q: Can you tell us something about your creative process? What does it look like? 
A: I try to be inspired by the sensations of the moment. Play with the improvised, but at the same time have an order in all the elements that converge with each other and what surrounds it - whether it is a painting on canvas or a mural in the street. Accompanied by good music and a good coffee, it's like traveling in the universe at that moment. I guess you could say I build inspiration on the spot 
Q: How does cannabis influence your creative process? 
A: I like to focus on the moments before creating a work and give a different essence to the perspective of continuing to create.

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