An Elevated Listening Experience With Beats by Bhang

An Elevated Listening Experience With Beats by Bhang

There’s no denying that cannabis and music have close knit relationship. The plant has become ingrained within the music industry, serving as a creative stimulant for some artists, and as a musical muse for others, sparking canna-centric hit songs, like Cypress Hill’s Dr. Greenthumb, as far back as the 1900s.  

While cannabis is no stranger to the music studio, it’s also found its home among the listeners. When you make your way through the crowd of any music event, you’re bound to catch a whiff of smoke from a joint being passed around between a group of strangers who have found common ground in their love for dank green and an enhanced musical experience. Even from the comfort of home, there’s something about pairing some grass with your favorite vinyl that pulls you deeper into the melodies. It just hits different.  

This sensation was the driving motivator for collaborating with the Soul Assassins crew on a capsule collection of custom Bhang headphones. 


Beats by Bhang

Enhancing everyday experiences is what we’re all about, and it doesn’t get more “every day” than bumping your playlist of choice. So, creating a custom pair of some of the best headphones in the game was a no-brainer. We wanted to elevate the musical experience in a way that allowed our community to tune out the background noise and fully immerse themselves in the music they listen to. Pair that with a 10mg piece of Bhang chocolate, and it turns into a full body experience that transports them to another planet.  


beats by bhang headphones


No detail was spared when it came to these headphones, featuring a lightweight design, flexible over-the-ear fit, and elevated sound powered by fine-tuned acoustics. Our team of creatives fixed up each pair with a colorful, paint-splattered take on the Bhang logo and slipped each box into a custom spray-painted Bhang knapsack for safekeeping.  

If you weren't able to cop a pair, you can still achieve a higher vibe by tuning into our Bhang x DJ Muggs Spotify playlist during your next sesh.  

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