Bhang Secures 11th Cannabis Cup Win

Bhang Secures 11th Cannabis Cup Win

11X High Times Cannabis Cup Champion

Since our beginning, quality and consistency have been our number one priority. Each batch of our cannabis-infused chocolate is crafted with care to ensure that our community gets consistently dank edibles that are as effective as they are enjoyable. Today we are proud to say that the fruits of our labor have received the recognition they deserve, as we secure our 11th High Times Cannabis Cup victory.  

Founded in 1988, The High Times Cannabis Cup has quickly evolved into a globally recognized championship of the best cannabis products in the world. Traditionally, brands who enter their products into the competition are judged by a panel of industry experts within their respective category, but this time around High Times shook things up by giving the power to the people. 228 judging kits per category were deployed to members of the cannabis community, leaving the coveted title of Cannabis Cup Champion up to the people’s choice.  

This year our Blueberry Dark Chocolate took first place in the edibles: non-gummies category of the SoCal Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition. We are honored and humbled that the cannabis community in Southern California crowned us themselves. It’s not our first (or last) victory, but it is our sweetest.  

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