Bhang Partners


Bhang was born out of a small gourmet chocolate operation run by our founder and his younger brother in New Mexico.

 With years of experience and success under his belt as a master chocolatier, he decided to take a chance and meld together his knowledge in chocolate making with his growing passion for cannabis.

 In 2010 he made the move to California where he finally introduced Bhang – the first gourmet infused chocolate edible – to the market.

Chocolate features 


Bhang has something for everyone! Our line of gourmet chocolates feature vegan, gluten, keto, and lactose friendly options, in addition to being low calorie and low sugar.


A difference you can taste. Our master chocolatier used his expertise to craft the perfect blend of sustainably-sourced beans and cannabis extract, resulting in rich, velvety chocolate with a cannabis-free taste.


The perfect dose to find your sweet spot. Each of our artisanal chocolate bars are evenly scored ensuring each bite hits the same.


The world’s richest ingredients. From cannabis to cacao, we use only the finest natural ingredients that are eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced, and free of chemicals or fillers.

Sustainable Packaging

Bhang’s Packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Our boxes are printed using soy-based inks and are biodegradable for a bhetter future.

Award-winning Chocolate 

Brand Assets Bank

Bhang is here to help you succeed. Our brand assets bank contains logos, product photos, and creative that your team can utilize for their marketing efforts.


Bhang Has Something for everyone

Cacao % Breakdown

The percentage is a general indicator of chocolate flavor intensity versus sweetness.
The higher the percentage, the more intense and less sweet the chocolate.
For example, Caramel Mocha labeled 48% cacao will be far sweeter than a 75% bar of Dark Chocolate.


Benefits of Edibles

- Precise dosing
- Consistent experience
- No combustion
- Potent & Discrete
- Long-lasting effects

Benefits of Cacao + THC

- Receptors are activated & anandamide levels increase

- Nourishes the endocannabinoid system

- May help suppress pain, normalize sleep, & improve mood

Product Benefits

- Dietary inclusive
- Low calorie & low sugar
 - Cannabis-free taste
 - High quality chocolate
- No chemicals or fillers
 - Sustainably sourced