Red Ace Organics Partners With United States Olympic-Level and World Championship Athletes Through 2021

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Professional U.S. swimmers Ashley Twichell, Jacob Pebley and Tom Shields perform in the water with the help of Red Ace Organics

Boulder, CO – February 5, 2020 – Red Ace Organics (“Red Ace” or the “Company) a leading organic beverage company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Bhang, Inc. (CSE: BHNG) (OTCQX: BHNGF), announced today a partnership with professional U.S. swimmers Ashley Twichell, Jacob Pebley and Tom Shields to endorse Red Ace as the beverage of choice for the country’s highest-level competitors.

“It is an honor to be chosen by the highest-performing athletes in the world as their beverage of choice for increased performance,” Red Ace co-founder and President William Leslie IV said. “Ashley, Jacob and Tom are very discerning as to what they put in their bodies, and the brand they trust is Red Ace. We know that is a great privilege.”

Founded in 2011 by William Leslie and Miles McCabe, Red Ace Organics offers a range of organic beverages and powders spanning the lifestyle segment, with its proprietary formulations of Beet Performance, Beets & Turmeric and Beets & Greens. Red Ace boasts more than 1,400 points of distribution, including Whole Foods Markets (WFM), Sprouts Farmers Markets and Amazon.

“I only associate myself with products I believe in,” said Tom Shields, who won gold in Rio de Janeiro as part of the 4×100 medley relay. “Red Ace Beet Performance is something I would buy, even if Red Ace weren’t my sponsor.”

Red Ace products are packed with antioxidants as well as naturally occurring nitrates, which are compounds that help improve blood flow within the body to the brain, heart and muscles.

Recent studies have indicated that many exercise scenarios and athletic competitions can have their performance capacity enhanced with the use of beet root juice as a pre-exercise supplement. Swimmers rely heavily on their bodies’ ability to transfer vital oxygen to muscles during heavy training sessions and high stakes races.

“The first time I was introduced to Red Ace, I gave it a shot, and loved it,” Ashley Twichell, who won the gold medal in the 5K at the 2017 FINA World Championships, said. “Beets and Turmeric is my favorite — I drink it every day.”

The natural nitrates found in Red Ace products increase nitric oxide in the blood, allowing for the vessels to open up and more oxygen to pass through, potentially lowering blood pressure. A healthy athlete is a successful athlete, and any consumer looking to improve their health in this area is well-served – as Olympic swimmers can attest.

“Our nutritionist told me to try Red Ace Beet Performance, and I immediately saw a difference in my recovery and overall performance. I recommend taking Red Ace daily,” four-time World Championship medalist Jacob Pebley said.

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About Red Ace Organics
Red Ace™ is the creator of an all organic concentrated beetroot shots. Every two-ounce glass bottle of Red Ace contains California grown, organic beets, which are high in natural anti-oxidants and energy. Red Ace performance shots are a fast and easy way to get safe, effective energy, plus all the nutritional benefits of organic beets. Red Ace is used by athletes, professionals and weekend warriors around the world.

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