13 Best Cannabis Infused Edibles in California 2021

13 Best Cannabis Infused Edibles in California 2021

"Bhang is a venerable California infused chocolate maker which has gown to operate in seven U.S. states and Canada. The Brand has evolved, adding DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill to help guide growth, alongside CEO Jamie Pearson, one of the few women running public Cannabis companies.

One thing that hasn’t changed is delectable taste among the uniquely flavored THC and CBD infused chocolate bars. Bhang bars come in 100 mg and single serve packaging, with award winning flavors including: Cookies and Cream White Chocolate, Cherry Cream Milk Chocolate, and Espresso Dark Chocolate made with award-winning sustainably-sourced 74% cocoa Dark Chocolate.

For those who like edibles noticeably lacking the taste of cannabis, Bhang is the best tasting chocolate bar on the market."


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